Innovations in Water Purification and Water Management

what is Groots WATER SCARCITY INNOVATION Innovations in Water Purification

So, what is Groots WATER SCARCITY INNOVATION? And what’s its mission? Here’s a brief rundown. This startup is using wind and solar energy to create a water purification machine that will provide clean drinking water for millions of people living in remote areas. Not only will this product reduce the cost of water for the poor, but it will also improve public health. Not to be left out, they’re involved in several community projects that are meant to help those in need.

The water scarcity initiative is supported by the European Institute for Innovation and Technology (EIT). Their food and manufacturing divisions are supporting the Groots WATER SCARCITY INNOVENTION? innovation lab. The partnership with BioAzul consulting and the Athena technology center aims to provide more people with access to clean water and improve the quality of life in the world.

In the water industry, Imagine H2O and Smarter Homes are providing solutions for utilities to manage their water resources. Imagine H2O’s technologies help farmers make water-smart decisions and reduce water loss. These innovative technologies are distributed and expand services. Another water-management platform is WaterOn, which uses satellite imagery and in-pipe sensors to detect leaks and leakage in apartment buildings. Its innovative technology has already helped save the water of 40,000 households in India and 71 million liters in Bengaluru.