Can You Wash Pillows?

can you wash pillows

Many people wonder “can you wash pillows?” especially if they suffer from allergies or sensitive skin. While some pillows are completely safe to wash, others need to be dry cleaned. Here are some tips for washing pillows. Follow the instructions carefully to avoid damaging your pillows. Do not over dry your pillows. They need to air dry or else they will lose their shape. Do not wash them more than once a month. It may take a few weeks to get them back to their original shape.

Before washing your pillow, check the tag for specific instructions. Most pillows have tags attached by the manufacturer that provide washing instructions. Read these tags thoroughly to ensure that you are following their washing directions. If the tags do not tell you what to do, visit the retailer’s website. The retailer will most likely have instructions about washing the pillows as well. You can also try hand-washing some types of pillows, such as latex. Once the pillow has been dry, you can vacuum clean it to remove any traces of dust.

You can also try machine-washing your pillow with mild detergent. Be careful not to use bleach, since it will damage the inside of the pillow. It may also ruin the pattern if you do not wash it properly. For synthetic materials, you can use bleach pen. But be careful, you cannot use this method for foam pillows. For a better result, use warm water and a non-chlorine bleach. If you don’t want to use a dryer, use warm water.