What is the Brand La Poste?

what is the brand La Poste

What is the brand La Poste? The company has been around for over a hundred years. Its history is complex. In the early days, the company was known as Denkhaus. Its logo had a bird flying forward, and two “Ps” and a “T” next to it, symbolizing equivalence. Then, in 1998, the company acquired a stake in another company, Deutsche Paket Dienst (DPD). This company competed with Deutsche Post in Germany and had a dominant position in France and the United Kingdom. In 2001, La Poste acquired DPD completely and now has a leading position in the European market.

In its current incarnation, La Poste focuses on local customers and businesses, offering postal services for individuals and businesses. The brand has a strong regional presence and has diversified its services to align with major societal changes. It now offers digital safes, including the Digiposte, for storing administrative documents. It also offers driving theory tests in La Poste centers. Its commitment to quality and flavour is evident in every aspect of its offerings.

The company also owns Chronopost International, a subsidiary that provides domestic and international express services. Domestic services are largely next-day and vary based on delivery location. Domestic packages weighing up to thirty kilograms are available for shipping through Chronopost France. To track your La Poste package, simply visit the official website or chronopost France. You can also find out where your package is at any given time.