What is the Brand Gree?

what is the brand Gree

If you are looking for a high-end home appliance, you’ve likely heard of Gree. But do you know what Gree is? Founded in 1989, this home appliance company has over 30 years of professional production experience. Its entire production process integrates research, design, production, and sales. Its accumulated investment is more than RMB 250 million. Its extensive line of products includes rice cookers, electric pressure cookers, electric fans, induction cookers, electric hot pots, water purifiers, humidifiers, and other home appliances.

As a result, Gree’s dominance has dwindled. After many years of dominance in China’s air conditioning market, the company has been surpassed by MIDEA. According to the latest statistics from reputed research institutes, Gree took third place in online sales in the first half of this year. AUX is in second place with a market share of over 22%. What’s next for Gree?

GREE products fall under twenty categories, 400 series, and more than 12700 models. The company holds 22,597 technology and 8,310 invention patents. Its products are sold in 160 countries, reaching over 300 million users worldwide. GREE AC units have topped the sales and production of residential air conditioners for 11 straight years. In 2015, Gree’s sales volume exceeded $15 billion USD, while its net profit reached $1.9 billion.

As a world-class brand, Gree is one of the only Chinese HVAC manufacturers to receive the honor of “World Brand”. With more than 160 countries in its empire, Gree has the capability to produce 60 million air conditioners and 5.5 million refrigerators annually. Its brand has more than 300 million users worldwide, and it recently entered the top 500 list of publicly traded companies in the world. In May 2015, Gree was ranked 385 in Forbes Global 2000, and No. 1 in the household appliance industry.