What is Google Drinkwell Water Technology?

what is google Drinkwell water technology Innovations in Water Purification

If you’re thinking of getting a water filtration system, you may have been curious to know what the drinkwell water technology is. Developed by Google, the Drinkwell water purification system is an automated machine that has been able to improve the health of low-income urban slum dwellers. Its technology is based on patented HIX-Nano technology and purifies water at a much higher rate than reverse osmosis. Its environmentally and socially responsible design and construction creates jobs in the local communities where it is installed.

The Drinkwell water technology is so efficient that it only uses one percent of the water it purifies. The company takes waste management seriously, recycling five times its resin after each water treatment process. As part of its recent microfranchise model, Drinkwell hopes to motivate communities to use its technology to provide clean water for their residents. The company hopes that this model will increase sales and encourage local governments to partner with them.

The Drinkwell water purification technology was invented while the founders of Google were traveling in Zambia. They found that the traditional water purification method involved using iodine and chlorine tablets and took half an hour, not to mention the horrible taste of the water. So they came up with the Pure Water Bottle. It only takes two minutes to filter soiled water. It uses four micron water filters and a wind-up ultraviolet light system to filter out 99.9% of all impurities.