What is Puss?


Have you ever wondered, ‘What is Puss?’ If so, then you are not alone. Puss is an infamous thief, but he is also a self-sacrificing feline. This book and film are a classic tale of a thief who saves his hometown from a ruthless gang. This fanciful tale will delight children of all ages.

Before meeting Shrek, Puss’ past was revealed. He was left in a basket, abandoned by his mother, and eventually found his way to an orphanage. Later on, he was adopted by a woman named Imelda, who became his mother. However, he has a complicated past. Puss eventually meets his true love, Princess Fiona. Puss learns to accept her heartbreak.

During his first mission as a thief, Puss tries to rob a bank, but the thief is determined to regain his stolen heart. He also gets caught trying to sell the stolen beans, and he has to flee for his life. However, Puss eventually gets out of jail by saving the town and a woman who had faith in him. A new chapter of the Puss story opens when the thief has to find a way to pay off his debt.

When you have a bacterial infection, pus is a thick, yellow or white fluid that contains bacteria and dead tissues. It usually has an unpleasant odor and can be white, yellow, green, or brown. Pus is a product of the body’s immune system fighting off an invader. Although a small amount is usually not a cause for concern, large amounts of pus should be investigated by a doctor. Infection is the result of an overactive immune system’s attempt to destroy bacteria.