What is Google Jam?

what is google Jam innovation

If you’re wondering what Google Jam is, you’ve come to the right place. Google Jamboard is a collaborative digital canvas that allows you and up to 20 other people to draw on it and collaborate online. The platform is designed to help bridge the distance between people, and is compatible with mobile devices. Jams can be shared with others and edited from any device. With the web browser and the Jam Board app, anyone can draw and add content to a Jam.

It enables real-time co-authoring, and allows users to pull web content and media files from Google Search results. With a built-in HD camera and speakers, Jamboard works perfectly with Google Hangouts, and even integrates with Google Drive. Users can also use the device to create documents for sharing with other people. Jamboard offers advanced features such as shape recognition and sticky notes to make collaboration simple and effective.

G-Suite users can take advantage of the Jamboard by forming teams to create innovative technology solutions. Jamboard can be used for whiteboarding, video conferencing, and local presentations. The software was announced in October 2016, and the official launch is scheduled for May. The Google Jamboard’s design promotes creativity, innovation, and long-distance connectivity. It is even compatible with smartphones, tablets, and video conferencing.