What is Google Incredible Technology?

The answer to this question lies in Google’s strategy for innovation. In short, Google borrows ideas and models from other companies. The company is constantly seeking new ideas to improve its technology and products. While the company has not disclosed its innovation strategy, the improvisational nature of its innovation process has attracted some very high-quality employees. This improvisational culture fosters a high volume of new ideas. Recently, an article in the New York Times focused on Google’s perceived assault on Microsoft’s hegemony in the world of business software applications.

The company’s recent acquisitions include Picasa, YouTube, and Google Brain, as well as DoubleClick for web advertising. Recently, Google announced a groundbreaking project to produce low-cost green electricity. While most of these ventures have yet to make any money, they contribute to Google’s ambitious strategy. Regardless of its current performance, few doubt that Google can make further advancements towards its ultimate goal.