Stomach and Back Pain – Can Gas Cause Back Pain?

can gas cause back pain

When it comes to stomach and back pain, gas is a common culprit. This discomfort can be caused by many things, from chewing gum to carbonated drinks. Certain foods can also cause pain, including vegetables with high fiber content, such as cauliflower and artichoke. To help ease the discomfort, you can also take short walks after eating. By taking these steps, you can help prevent the gas from forming and reduce the symptoms of gas in your back.

While gas is generally harmless, excessive gas can be a sign of a more serious condition. Excessive gas can indicate a variety of illnesses, including Crohn’s disease, ulcers, colitis, and ovarian cysts. You may even have a tumor in your abdomen. If your gas is accompanied by a fever or difficulty breathing, you should visit your doctor right away. If your gas is accompanied by blood in your stool, you should seek medical attention.

Pregnancy can also cause gas and bloating in your body. The pain can be felt in the back, chest, and abdomen. Often, pregnant women experience gas pain after eating. Other conditions that can cause back pain during pregnancy include a large amount of iron and hormones in the body. If you are experiencing pain in the back, your doctor will likely suggest an examination and treatment for the problem. The pain in your back may be an indication of a more serious ailment.