Reasons Why You Sneeze

why do you sneeze

When you have a cold, sneezing is a normal response to allergens or other irritants in the nose. However, there are some reasons why you sneeze more than four times a day. The most common of these causes is allergies, and sneezing can be caused by a variety of factors, including ongoing inflammation and allergies. Mega-sneezers, those who sneeze with such force that they can be heard a block away, probably have a larger lung capacity and breathe in more air before they sneeze.

The reason you sneeze is your body’s natural defense mechanism against airborne irritants. Your nose produces sneezes to push things out through the Eustachian Tube and middle ear. But the high pressure created by sneezing is also a possible cause of hearing loss and glaucoma. Even blood clots in the brain can be caused by sneezing. The sneeze reflex originated inside the nose, according to Forbes.

Some studies suggest that sneezing can be dangerous. It can rupture blood vessels in the eyes and brain. It can also transfer bacteria into the ear, causing a painful ear infection. If you aren’t sure about what causes sneezing, try these tips to reduce your risk of suffering from respiratory infections. If you sneeze without meaning to, try looking away from bright light. You can also try pressing your tongue in your teeth or roof of the mouth.