E-Commerce Web Site Redesign for American Golf

Ecommerce American Golf web site

As the number of golf equipment purchases online continues to grow, a UK-based company called American Golf is looking to embrace the Internet in its retail strategy. However, its existing infrastructure was limiting its ability to develop an effective e-commerce web site. For this reason, the company approached Net Solutions for an e-commerce website redesign. In the following article, we discuss the reasons behind this move and how it will benefit golf professionals.

As an e-commerce web site, the retailer has several advantages. Online sales give pro shops more ways to market to their customer base. For example, they can send out email newsletters to encourage customers to visit their online store. The company can also utilize paid advertising to increase brand awareness and drive local sales. A web site is an ideal opportunity to do this. Whether you sell golf products online or in-store, it’s important to make the transition smoothly.

For an eCommerce web site, the American Golf Foundation has incorporated both gift cards and e-gift cards into the design. Before, the gift card could not be used online. Moreover, now it can be used in all channels of business. Aside from the online store, the new e-gift card service allows American Golf to accept gift cards in addition to online purchases. With this new feature, the golf club can expand its retail presence by offering a variety of products online.