Why Do We Live?

why do we live

Many of us wonder, “why do we live?” This question has been asked by Nietzsche, Merton, Frankl, and Newman. Each of these philosophers has addressed this issue and answered the question in their own way. For those who are still asking, however, the answer is clearer: we exist for a purpose. If we do not live for that purpose, then what is the point of living? Whether we are living for the right reasons or for a wrong one is a matter of perspective.

Life is a process of materials and energy transformation. Life is inherently selfish. Its primary purpose is reproduction, but it is so much more than this. From grannies to babies, life is about more than just passing on genes. We exist in a world where life is active and plannable, and we can risk undermining this by imposing a story. If this is the case, we may as well be ‘tool-making animals’, which is why we can’t live without the other stuff.