Where is the Space Station?

where is the space station

The International Space Station (ISS) is a scientific research facility that has been operating in orbit for over two decades. This facility is maintained by an international crew of astronauts. These astronauts conduct important experiments, conduct medical research, and investigate the role of fire in microgravity. Spacewalks are also conducted by the astronauts when necessary. School children are also involved in space experiments, with the UK enlisting Astronaut Tim Peake to send seeds into space and bring them back to Earth.

The ESA developed a tracker that shows the space station’s position 90 minutes ago and 90 minutes ahead. The station appears to travel west-to-east over Earth, moving about 2200 kilometers west-to-east on each orbit. The ISS can be seen from Earth’s surface by looking up at the sky. And because the space station is very bright, it is easy to miss, even if you are looking in the right direction.

The International Space Station’s volume is the equivalent of a five-bedroom house. It has huge solar arrays and is 925,335 lbs. (419,725 kilograms) without the visiting vehicles. It has more livable space than a traditional six-bedroom house, and it has a gym, two bathrooms, and a 360-degree bay window. And it can accommodate visitors and new crew members.