What is the Google Gang? Innovation?

what is google Gang innovation

So, what is the Google Gang? Innovation? How does the company stay ahead of its rivals? Here are some examples. Google partners with Apple on search, competes with Apple on mobile operating systems, and tries to form a rival to Facebook. While Amazon is a competitor, it also falls into the partner category. These companies wrestle with size, power, and innovation. In short, Google is a giant with a lot of power.

Besides buying smaller companies, the Gang of Five also actively acquires startups each year, usually for talent and patents. Many startups aspire to be bought by the Gang. Google has been buying startups for years. And it has been very successful. The AWS arm of Amazon has been competing with Google for years now. The Gang also actively acquires startups, and many of them aim to get acquired by one of them. But is it really worth it?