What is Google Industrial Engineering?

what is google Industrial engineering innovation

So what is Google Industrial engineering, and what is its role in society? Google’s success in this field is attributed to its ability to strip away the process steps that are not necessary, while preserving the checks for quality, value and usability. For example, Google is building a proprietary database called Bigtable that will allow the company to process massive amounts of data. The company is also building a new culture. Innovation is no longer a foreign concept.

The culture at Google is highly improvisational, with any Google engineer given the chance to invent a new product or feature. This approach is a key part of Google’s innovation strategy, as it helps it attract top-quality engineers and generates a high volume of new ideas. In fact, a recent article in the New York Times explored Google’s apparent assault on Microsoft’s hegemony in business software applications.

One of the most striking aspects of Google’s innovative culture is its use of data aggressively to support ideas. Google reportedly spent billions of dollars building its own internet operating system and a robust database of information. This makes Google uniquely positioned to develop and deploy new services quickly and efficiently. In many ways, Google is the hub of an innovation “ecosystem”, with Google at the heart of many germinal revenue streams.

In addition to its specialized IT infrastructure, Google has a culture that promotes innovation. Google also budgets innovation into its job descriptions. Consequently, employees have one work activity based on innovation. By combining the two, Google has made innovation a core competency in the company. That culture makes Google an exceptional place to work. There is no question that Google is a world-class company. And, if you’re wondering what makes it so unique, you should check it out!