What is Google Day?

If you have been working at Google for any length of time, you’ve probably wondered what is Google Day? This innovative culture encourages employees to spend 80% of their time on core projects and 20% of their time on “innovation.” While this may seem like an unorthodox approach to innovation, it’s one that many organizations can use to spur greater creativity and increase employee morale. In order to be successful, your innovation strategy must include both intentional design and investment.

Moreover, a simple ethos drives Google’s innovation strategy. The company encourages its employees to draw a clear line between their day-to-day responsibilities and their passion for the mission. Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it accessible to everyone, and their commitment to doing important work makes it easy to rise in the morning. This simple ethos, coupled with the company’s size, helps Google to cope with the occasional mishap and celebrate innovation as a valuable part of the company’s culture.

In addition to building the best products and services, Google focuses on sustaining a culture of innovation that aims to satisfy consumers’ needs and wants. The company’s innovative culture has led it to focus on a number of areas, including hiring top talent, open sourcing ideas, and fostering creativity. While there are many reasons to celebrate innovation, a recent article in the New York Times explored Google’s perceived assault on Microsoft’s hegemony in business software applications.