Launching a Marketplace on the Media Markt Web Site

Ecommerce Media Markt web site

The media marketer has announced plans to launch a marketplace feature on its web site for the whole of Europe. It has already launched the marketplace in Austria, Germany, and Spain, and plans to expand it across Benelux and beyond. The new feature is an attempt to meet the evolving needs of consumers and a natural progression from its traditional brick-and-mortar stores. Although the marketplace selling experience is not available online yet, the German e-commerce giant has already begun to see the benefits of being omnipresent and focusing on a ‘journey-aware’ relationship with customers.

The media market is one of the largest retailers in Europe. With more than 1.000 stores across Europe and Asia, the company boasts over one billion visitors each year. The brand is synonymous with the latest innovations in consumer electronics, telecommunications, photography, entertainment, and software, and has a wide range of household appliances available for sale. With a web site like this, users can access a wealth of information from their computers and mobile devices.

In order to engage customers across the customer journey, MediaMarkt has launched a new Conversational Marketing platform that enables them to speak to a live agent while browsing their brand’s website. The Whisbi Conversational Marketing platform connects online customers with sales reps in stores, creating a truly omnichannel experience. Moreover, the company plans to expand its connections with other e-commerce software platforms in the future.