What is Google Scene? Innovation?

what is google Scene innovation

What is Google Scene? innovation? Google recently unveiled a new feature that combines the power of computer vision and machine learning to identify objects in a scene. Google uses its knowledge graph and rich web to surface the most relevant results. Scene exploration lets you add text to a visual search, making it easy to find the perfect chocolate bar, or any other object. It is available in the Google app and with the new Google Lens, which is now available on iOS. However, it is primarily aimed at shopping.

One example of scene exploration is to find the perfect candy bar at the grocery store. With this technology, shoppers can pan through the aisles of candy and search for items by name, color, nut-free, and more. Then, paired with their search terms, such as “dark chocolate,” “nut-free,” or “highly rated,” interactive information about a specific candy bar would appear on their phone screen.

Another example is a lighting control app. It can be set to adjust your lighting by simply saying the word “light” and allowing Google Assistant to wake up. The same goes for the Google Home app, which lets you create a custom routine to control various devices in your home, from lights to blinds to curtains. You can even group lighting devices for the best lighting control. Once you set up your routines, you can adjust your lighting with one command.