Is Fornication Necessary Before Marriage?


Many people think that fornication is required before marriage. Many Christians cohabitate before getting married, or even before having children. But fornication is not explicitly mentioned in the Bible. Thankfully, in his letter to the Roman church, Apostle Paul sets the record straight, telling the români not to follow the world’s standards and to look to the Bible for guidance. While fornication may be a sin, it is not a prerequisite for marriage.

Biblical scholars disagree as to whether fornication can be defined as sexual intercourse outside of marriage. Some scholars claim that the word “fornication” in the Bible only refers to premarital intercourse. Others claim that the Greek word porneia, which is related to sexual denial, never appeared in Greek literature. However, the Greek word for “fornication” was translated from the Latin Vulgate as “immorality.” This is because the Bible does not categorize specific sins under fornication.

While the public definition of fornication has evolved over time, the basic meaning of the word has remained constant. In Judaism, fornication is the act of a married man having sexual relations with a woman who is not his wife. Moreover, the law of Moses must mean something different for a married person who engages in sexual relationships outside of marriage. The Jewish definition is somewhat more broad than the Christian definition, but the general concept is the same.

Although fornication laws are often considered outdated and unconstitutional, they remain in place in a handful of states. This is because the term itself conveys a somewhat archaic sense of sin. Today, birth control and sexualization of culture have made extramarital sexual acts less risky and more common. However, despite this, fornication laws are unlikely to be abolished until legislators make changes. If that does not happen, fornication laws will remain in effect until they are repealed.