FATA Morgana Water Scarcity Innovation? Innovations in Water Purification Competition

The FATA Morgana facility uses thermal solar energy to desalinate seawater. In addition, Vesitigia Blockchain is helping to manage the supply chain risk, and Savia Atmospheric Fountains and Rivers uses Ice-Chilled-Water-Peltier chips to purify water. And Detektia offers groundwater monitoring with a click of a button.

To provide clean water for the poor, there are numerous technological proposals. Most of these are too expensive or complicated for practical use on the ground. Solar distillers, for example, have been used in the Americas since pre-Columbian times. The process works by evaporating water using the power of the sun, collecting the condensed vapour, and distilling it. Modern technology is improving the efficiency and effectiveness of solar distillers to reduce the cost of water purification.

After three months of training, ten start-ups will be selected to compete against each other. They will be able to hear from keynote speakers, network with peers, and compete for EUR 10 000. The second-place winner will receive EUR 5 000. At the end of the programme, the chosen start-ups will present their innovations at the FATA MORGANA WATER SCARCITY INNOVATION? Innovations in Water Purification