Contentsquare Launches E-Commerce Lapeyre Web Site

Ecommerce Lapeyre web site

E-commerce Lapeyre provides interior and exterior home furnishings and equipment. The company was founded by two students with an entrepreneurial spirit. During their high school years, they designed and sold websites to raise money for their studies. Now, with the help of Contentsquare, Lapeyre is able to offer its customers a variety of products without sacrificing their branding. They are committed to constant improvement and conversion rate optimization.

E-commerce Lapeyre is a leading French e-commerce retailer that specializes in kitchen and bathroom management, menuiserie and home improvement. The company has 130 points of sale and two e-commerce web sites for consumers. Lapeyre is both a manufacturer and a distributor, which means that they are able to supply their clients with quality products. Yann Guillaud, responsible for e-commerce at Lapeyre, said that the company is constantly seeking external talent to help them with the site’s ongoing upgrades.

The new website is designed to target new and existing clients and aims to reach CSP+, women and new owners. The company will launch a communication campaign in April. The goal is to offer tips for e-commerce and a more personalized space. The e-commerce Lapeyre web site will promote the brand name and reflechis e-commerce. The goal is to reach 1 percent of Lapeyre’s annual sales.