Where to Get Moving Boxes

where to get moving boxes

If you’re moving within the city, your employer may have a supply of moving boxes to donate. Often, businesses will donate these boxes to the homeless, or they may simply throw them away. You can also find boxes for moving at your local grocery store. Banana and apple boxes are a great choice because they’re both solid and have space for the fruits to breathe. A clean box can hold bedding and socks.

Another excellent place to find free moving boxes is your local stores. Grocery, book, and liquor stores are often the source of extra moving boxes. Hardware stores are another great place to look. If you can’t find any boxes at your local store, try posting an ad for free moving supplies on Craigslist. Local businesses may have a supply of free boxes, so make sure to advertise your need beforehand. You may also be surprised by how many people are willing to donate boxes.

If you don’t feel like digging through the trash, you can also check recycling bins. Many drugstores, like Rite Aid and Walgreens, have boxes that can be used to move household items. Befriend the clerks and ask for moving boxes for a great deal. They might be able to help you break down your boxes into manageable pieces. If your city doesn’t have any recycling bins, check your local community area for them.