What is Elanco Animal Health?

what is the brand Elanco Animal Health

If you’re unfamiliar with Elanco Animal Health, you may be wondering, “What is Elanco Animal?.” This animal health company creates and markets pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and other products for farm animals. Their products help farm animals prevent and treat disease, including canine and feline therapeutics. The company also manufactures products for poultry, aquaculture, and ruminant production.

The company provides solutions for sheep and cattle disease control, and focuses on improving the health of farm animals and livestock. Elanco also offers products that increase red meat yield and improve the performance of livestock. With a worldwide expertise, Elanco helps producers and veterinarians deliver safe, high-quality beef. Their veterinary products and knowledge services address previously unmet needs in the animal health industry. The company’s mission is to provide the best in animal health for both livestock and people.

The company has announced partnerships with companies to develop products for the microbiome. BiomEdit, an animal health company, will work with Elanco to develop microbiome-specific therapeutics and probiotics. BiomEdit will be staffed with former Elanco microbiome R&D personnel. It will also provide biosecurity technology for monitoring animal diseases. This partnership is a great opportunity for the company to expand its product line.