What Are the Benefits of Google Big Data and Augmented Analytics?

what is google Big Data and augmented analytics innovation

So, what are the benefits of Google Big Data and augmented analytics? Let’s take a closer look at these technologies. These methods combine Artificial Intelligence with Predictive Analytics and are set to disrupt the way analytical content is shared and consumed. The new technologies will also help organizations improve their decision-making processes by combining human intelligence and decision-making capabilities. Just like Uber disrupted the taxi industry, other disruptive innovations are also happening in the analytics and data domain.

As data-driven society becomes increasingly populated with more data-driven individuals, augmented analytics is quickly becoming an integral part of the future for all organisations. Learn more about this emerging technology to stay ahead of the competition. There are numerous advantages to augmented analytics. With its ability to connect disparate data sources, it facilitates the preparation of data for analysis and reporting, automating many aspects of the data science process.

Compared to traditional data-driven applications, augmented analytics can bring a whole new level of automation to the process of analysis. By leveraging machine learning, artificial intelligence, and natural language processing, augmented analytics helps organizations analyze their data faster and more efficiently. With its streamlined process, it’s possible for anyone to become a citizen data scientist and extract insights in minutes. And since it combines AI with machine learning, augmented analytics also enables organizations to learn how to impact business outcomes.