Cantarus Launches E-Commerce Web Site

In addition to the E-commerce web site, the company is also implementing Reaction Commerce across its various brands. This will allow the company to leverage event-driven architecture to create a more seamless online experience, while incorporating plugins that streamline commerce data. As an added benefit, the new platform will allow Sports Direct to implement brand-specific features to better meet the needs of its customers. This will help the company create a more seamless user experience for both existing and new customers.

As the UK’s largest sporting goods retailer, Sports Direct International plc has over 400 stores in the UK and owns several sub-brands. The company has worked with Cantarus since 2012 and is now expanding its online presence through an E-commerce web site. The company’s goal was to provide a cross-platform eCommerce app for its customers. The web site was created in a responsive design for optimal compatibility with both desktops and mobile devices.

The web site also includes a live chat feature with a stylist. It’s a great feature, as only a handful of other brands offer this. AI Stylist, which is an artificial intelligence-based algorithm that matches customer preferences and behavior data to recommend products to shoppers, allows customers to interact with an AI-powered virtual stylist. The technology is scalable and has the potential to revolutionize customer experiences.