What is Google Notebook? Innovation in Digital Marketing

What is Google Notebook? An innovation in digital marketing? Google Notebook is an online tool that allows users to create “notebooks” on any topic, save and share images, link pages, clip text, and write notes. Users could access their notebook anywhere with a Google account, and it was free for a month. The notebooks automatically transferred into Google Docs if the user closed it, so there was no loss of information. Google Notebook alternatives include Evernote, Zoho Notebook, and Roam Research.

Cr-48 costs are not yet known, and will be decided by OEMs. The prices will depend on the processor’s processing power, battery life, and other under-the-hood specs. Consumers will have to wait about six months for the retail version of the notebook to be released. As of now, the Cr-48 will only be available through a limited number of sources. The retail version of the notebook will feature the same keyboard, but will have a separate Google key.