What is Google Confusion? Innovation

“Amazon does everything wrong, Google does everything right,” wrote John Yegge, a disgruntled former Amazon employee. Since then, Yegge has made four main claims about Google that he believes demonstrate how the search engine giant is failing to innovate. What are these claims? Read on to learn more about each one. Then, judge for yourself whether they’re true or not. Whether they’re true or false is up to you, but I’ll give you my two cents worth.

Google has been trying to reinvent itself, but so far its innovation has been based on its advertising business. Its moonshot projects, created as spin-offs from Google X, have proven to be a failure. While many moonshot projects have been spun off from Google, the company hasn’t done enough to market itself and attract new users. But, in recent years, Google has taken a few steps in the right direction.

While Google is catching up with its competition in many ways, Facebook and Microsoft continue to steal the show. Amazon has outdone Google in several areas, from social search to community building to UI design. Google had an Apple moment last year in design, and it’s adopted a leaner release cycle for its Cloud-based products. Despite its recent missteps, Yegge’s analysis makes for fascinating reading.