What is Google Butterfly? Innovation?

what is google Butterfly innovation

So, what is Google Butterfly? innovation? This article aims to answer this question. Read on to discover more about Google’s latest innovation. Here are some of its key features and advantages. Basically, Google Butterfly is a web application that uses the latest trending technologies and APIs. So, what’s so great about Google Butterfly? Innovation? Well, it’s the combination of cutting-edge technology and cutting-edge APIs, all of which will improve user experience.

The concept of the innovation butterfly originated from a metaphor of the interconnection of systems. Developed by Anderson and Joglekar, the innovation butterfly metaphor describes a set of interrelated systems. While many companies have just a single great innovation, others are one-hit wonders. If your company doesn’t know how to master the innovation butterfly, you risk going extinct. The innovation butterfly aims to give you a glimpse of how to successfully navigate this system.