Can You Use Coconut Oil As a Lube?

can you use coconut oil as lube

You’ve probably heard the term coconut oil used as a lubricant before. But did you know it can cause yeast infections? And it can ruin your bedsheets? Coconut oil can also cause stains. This article will give you some insight into this controversial topic. But before you start using coconut oil, read the warnings carefully. You should never use it as lube with a condom.

Coconut oil is extracted from the meat of mature coconuts. It’s rich in saturated fats, including lauric acid, which makes it thick and solid at room temperature. This oil is absorbed through the skin more easily than silicone-based artificial lubricants. Unlike silicone-based lubes, coconut oil won’t cause clumps and won’t get slippery. If you don’t want to use coconut oil as a lube, consider using unrefined coconut oil.

There are dozens of lubricants on the market today. Some are even recommended by your doctor. Others, however, have had great success using coconut oil as a lube. Coconut oil contains no irritating additives, makes skin feel soft, and has a mild antimicrobial effect. While the oil doesn’t replace the role of an artificial lube, it does add a bit of pleasure to sex.

To use coconut oil as a lubricant, you must first test a small amount on your vagina and inner forearm. If the oil stings, don’t use it unless you are sure it’s safe for you. Then, test it out on a partner, which is always the safest way. Moreover, it’s easy to use – just make sure you’re wearing a special blanket before you go in for sex.