What is Google Wealth? What Does it Mean for Wealth Managers?

what is google Wealth innovation

The question: What is Google Wealth? What does it mean for wealth managers? The answer should be considered with the same scrutiny as banking. There are formidable barriers to entry, including regulation and the personalised nature of advice. But wealth managers can take some cues from Google’s approach. Google was initially seen as a proxy for user-centric solutions and seamless information flow. However, Google’s corporate culture is challenging for traditional minds.

The concept of a “platform” is not new, but it does represent a major change for Google’s business model. It’s an increasingly important concept in today’s world, as augmented and virtual reality have the potential to become the next wave of internet technology. Google could focus on its OS approach to ease the transition, and in the process facilitate the growth of startups in those fields. It’s no surprise that Google – which started out as an ad service – now owns so much cash that it is able to hire dozens of full-time employees if they want to.

A Google portfolio has a lot of potential. While the company doesn’t make tangible products, it has a global market capitalisation that dwarfs Apple’s. Alphabet’s stocks soared in after-hours trading, making Google the world’s most valuable company, worth $520 billion. The company’s founders realised that the web was a mess in the late 1990s, and they were able to solve it by arranging search results based on their popularity.