What is Google Friend? Innovation?

what is google Friend innovation

What is Google Friend? innovation? Google’s social networking tool gathers information from big social networks like Facebook and Twitter and presents it uniformly to third-party websites. It functions as a “pass-through” between these large repositories of social data and small Websites. It helps remove the programming hassles for small Websites. Google positions itself as the central switch between identity systems. The first version of Google Friend Connect was previewed in May 2008.

Using open standards, Google Friend Connect lets websites connect with social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace. The social graph can be used to tailor the content on the website to the users’ profiles. Google Friend Connect can also query the content of users’ profile to provide a more customized experience. The innovation enables website owners to create custom social applications, regardless of their level of technical knowledge. Google Friend Connect is free, and you don’t need to know any coding skills to implement it.

What is Google Friend? innovation? The company created an account to track data about the users of the social networking sites. This account requires the user to provide certain personal information such as an email and password. However, the user’s name, image, and date of joining the site is only displayed to Google. This information is used to provide the service. If the user disconnects from the site, the information is erased.