Ingles Markets

what is the brand Ingles Markets

Ingles Markets, Inc. is a chain of supermarkets located primarily in the southeast United States. These stores offer a variety of grocery and non-food products as well as health care products and fuel centers. Ingles Markets also owns a milk processing and packaging plant. The Laura Lynn store brand is sold under the Ingles name. The company also offers flowers and greeting cards.

Ingles Markets sells a variety of items that are not food, including cooking utensils and office supplies. There are sit-down cafes and other amenities, such as check-cashing. Some stores feature restaurants and floral shops. Laura Lynn private label items are available in Ingles Markets. These stores are open seven days a week, and many have 24 hour operations.

Ingles purchased a milk processing plant in 1982. The company began operating the plant as a wholly-owned subsidiary. Ingles markets and other retailers buy milk and dairy products from Milkco, Inc. Milkco has increased its production from five million gallons in 1982 to over 60 million gallons today. The company also sells bottled water and citrus to other grocery stores. It is worth noting that Robert Ingle personally selected each of the stores in his chain.