What is Google Meat? Innovation?

what is google Meat innovation

What is Google Meat? innovation? Let’s get into it! Google co-founder Sergey Brin has invested EUR250,000 and PS215,000 into a lab-grown hamburger. It’s set to be a reality in London next week. Brin, a computer scientist who co-founded Google with Larry Page, is among the world’s richest men. He is also known for funding science fiction projects.

The team has teamed up with Yale University researchers to develop a new version of the dish. The company is testing how much people like it, and how it affects the environment. Google also is testing menu descriptions, including a new vegan taco that can be served with just a little meat. Google Meat is a new concept and will soon be available at a number of restaurants. If you’d like to try it, check out the video below.