E-Commerce Millets Web Site Review

Ecommerce Millets web site

In our review of the E-commerce Millets web site, we found that the checkout process is simple and straightforward, but the website could do a better job of making the process more user-friendly. The checkout process includes only two pages, is free from excessive form-filling and does not include a hidden delivery cost. Additionally, the website provides a number of helpful tips and shortcuts for customers. In addition, Millets’ product pages tick many of the best practice boxes.

The millet industry is segmented into several different segments, including bakery products, breakfast food, fodder, and infant foods. In the infant trade, millets-based infant foods are excellent because they help prevent malnutrition. Packaging and distribution of millets-based breakfast products are also gaining prominence in the United States and Europe. This growth in popularity is due to the growing demand for gluten-free, hypoglycemic, and fibre-rich products.

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