Why Is School Important?

why is school important

The purpose of attending school is to gain knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in life. People who go to school often become members of a social community. Such a community benefits not only students but parents, teachers, and the entire society as a whole. Studies show that individuals with higher education levels are more likely to be successful in their marriages, have children, and lead healthier lives. The first schools in the United States were not so much about teaching a specific subject, but rather on passing along religious and other values. The first schools started in the 13 original colonies in the 17th century.

While kids learn the basics of reading, writing, and math at school, they also learn how to interact with their peers and teachers. Those interactions can help them form healthy relationships with people of all backgrounds. These skills are crucial for a person’s future, so it is important to have a good school environment. Learning about healthy social interaction in a safe and secure environment is one of the most important benefits of going to school.

Education is a lifelong process that develops skills and attitudes that can make people happy and successful in their careers. Math, for example, teaches us knowledge and skills to solve problems. Reading, writing, and listening help students master different skills. Education also enables students to understand the world around them and make informed decisions. In fact, many students leave school thinking that life is the same as high school, where the emphasis is on gangs and popularity.