What is Google Toothbrush? Innovation to Improve Oral Hygiene

what is google Toothbrush innovation

If you’ve ever wondered what Google’s new innovation is, you’re not alone. More, consumers are embracing smart technology to improve their oral care routine. In the summer of 2016, two innovative toothbrushes launched in the market: the Genius Pro 8000 and the DiamondClean Smart. Both of these toothbrushes can display real-time feedback as you brush, telling you if you’re brushing your teeth properly. While the Genius Pro 8000 is a great toothbrush, the DiamondClean Smart has more features and is more expensive, but is it worth it?

What’s more, the smart toothbrush can also send information to a smart phone, allowing the user to monitor and correct their oral hygiene habits. In addition to tracking how effectively one is brushing their teeth, it can send information to a smart phone to make them more efficient. This information is particularly useful for those with limited time to brush their teeth. A Google Toothbrush is already a very useful tool, but it’s still far from perfect, but the future is bright for smart toothbrushes.

What’s more, it’s a dual-ended electric toothbrush that can clean both rows of teeth at once. This innovation requires about 15 seconds per arch, a total of 30 seconds. A dental professional developed the device, and the company plans to launch it in August 2021. However, because of the pandemic, many of these innovative toothbrushes have been delayed. There’s no clear indication yet whether or not they’ll take off.