What is Google Tool? Innovation?

what is google Tool innovation

What is Google Tool? innovation? Google has a system for managing innovation and a tool to help companies improve their processes. This artificial intelligence model analyzes the U.S. patent system and helps companies identify the next big thing. Google has colorful offices and encourages its engineers to spend 20 percent of their time on projects they love. With the Google Tool, you can start the next big thing. Read on to find out how this system works and how you can use it to boost innovation in your organization.

Google is the leading search engine in the United States. With over 63% of the US search market, it dwarfs its nearest rival Yahoo, which has just twenty percent. But Google isn’t satisfied with the results it serves, and continues to innovate to attract more users. Its latest innovation tool helps users narrow their search results by genre and time, and view them in a Wonder Wheel. You can even narrow a search by time and genre to find only relevant results.