What is Google Grass? Innovation?

what is google Grass innovation

What is Google Grass? innovation? This article aims to answer that question. If you’re wondering what Google is doing to combat climate change, consider this: the company has been renting goats to keep its California headquarters lawn short for years. While they do a great job of cutting grass, goats are also notorious for eating unwanted weeds. In order to avoid these problems, Google is using these four-legged lawn mowers to keep its grass short.

The core technology initiative of Grass Valley aims to enable customers to control, create and connect their content wherever it is. Content is still the most important element of the media landscape, and many Grass Valley customers need to support both legacy and new workflows at the same time. They need to broadcast through traditional television channels as well as over-the-top platforms and video on demand. It’s not enough to simply stream videos to a computer, either.