What is Coition in Telugu?


Do you know what coition means in Telugu? If so, then you have probably wondered why this word is used in Telugu literature. Read on to discover the meaning of coition in Telugu, as well as how to pronounce it. A dictionary definition can be found here. A coition is an act of expulsion. In the novel, two men, Adriano and Pinuccio, are in the act of expulsion. They compare the act to coition, which they view as devious and inhuman.

Coitus is the scientific name for sexual union. It comes from the Latin coire, a past participle of itus, derived from the PIE root *ei “to go”. The word coite appeared in English in the Middle Ages but did not become prevalent until the early 15c. It was used in general senses before becoming a sexual term. Coitus is similar to the word copulation and fornication, which are both other terms for the same activity.