Why is Haiti So Poor?

why is haiti so poor

The reason Haiti is so poor is a complex one. Its political instability is a major factor in the country’s lack of development and infrastructure. Electricity is unavailable for most of the population. Schools are run in a substandard condition. Health facilities are inadequate. Basic infrastructure is also lacking. And, most of the country’s wealth is concentrated in a small group of rich people. This situation is not sustainable for long.

Food prices are soaring in Haiti, primarily because the country relies on export crops. The food prices in Haiti are so high because farmers spend most of their time cutting and processing sugar cane. Consequently, most of the money coming into the country is spent on sugar cane and tropical fruits. The crops sold on the international market produce income, jobs, and money for locals. However, most of the cash that does reach the population goes to the landowners and not to the farmers.

In the past, economic development in Haiti has been dependent on the influx of immigrants. However, Haiti cut ties with the French too early. Today, only Guadaloupe and Martinique remain as French colonies, and these countries have a better chance of economic development. However, many of the wealthiest families in Haiti are Lebanese. And while Haiti was doing OK until the Duvaliers destroyed the civil society and infrastructure, the country is a classic example of a “resource curse.”