Why Am I Shaking?

why am i shaking

If you are asking yourself, why am I shaking?, the answer lies in your muscles. Your body’s nervous system uses your muscles to contract and relax, so they alternate between these two states. Lack of sleep deprivation can cause your muscles to shake. Consider how much you’ve slept recently and whether this is the cause of your shakes. If your body is shaking due to lack of sleep, it’s time to take action.

Some medications can cause twitchy hands. Antihistamines, mood and seizures medicines, and some antidepressants can cause this side effect. Antihistamines are another culprit, and they can make your hands twitchy. If you are suffering from social anxiety, you should seek a doctor’s attention. If the symptoms continue, it may be a sign that you have Parkinson’s disease.

Essential tremor is the most common cause of tremors in adults. Known as “action” tremor, it affects different parts of the body, including the hands. Essential tremor is more common in middle-aged individuals and is often passed on from parents. Other common causes of tremors are medications, excess caffeine, muscle fatigue, and certain medical conditions. The best way to determine whether you have essential tremor is to visit your doctor.

Essential tremor can affect both sides of the body, affecting the hands, legs, and voice. It can be aggravated by stress, caffeine, and alcohol. Unlike other types of tremors, essential tremor doesn’t affect both sides of the body in the same way. Most common in older people, essential tremors are worse at rest, and you should visit a doctor for a proper diagnosis.