What is the Brand O2?

what is the brand O2

What is the brand O2? BT Cellnet’s consumer brand has undergone a radical rebranding, and the company has taken on the name O2 to reflect its focus on the “mobility” category. The name is also a nod to the leisure association of the brand, with the brand’s launch product – the O2 Dome – a landmark in the UK music scene. While O2 may not be the best-known mobile carrier, it does have a strong brand, with emphasis on mobility and customer service. Moreover, it will also adopt the O2 brand for BT Wireless, a new Internet portal.

During its life, O2 has forged a reputation as a positive force, spanning sectors and aiming to create memorable experiences for its customers. Its commitment to the human experience enabled by technology is reflected in its ownership of 20 music venues and its backing of the England rugby union team. In fact, O2 has won the UK mobile market three times and the UK’s number of subscribers has nearly doubled since the brand was formed in 2001.

However, the o2 brand is still a prestigious name in telecoms, and it has strong links to business people. But unlike in the past, it is no longer the brand that targets young women and serious businessmen. Rather, it is targeting a more mature and intelligent demographic. Its ads have been designed to appeal to a wider range of users, which isn’t the typical demographic of a mobile phone company.