What is Google Car? Innovation at Its Best

what is google Car innovation

A self-driving Google car uses sensors and maps to drive itself on the road. The worst accident so far was a rear-end collision, but that is hardly surprising: 90 percent of accidents are caused by human error. Google has already redesigned the self-driving car twice, and it is unlikely they will stop there, as the technology is expensive and vulnerable to hackers. Here’s what to expect.

The Google car has twelve engineers working on it, but it’s not a production car. While it doesn’t have a production car yet, it has advanced driver assistance systems that control steering, lane changes, acceleration, braking, and other aspects of driving. Tesla Motors’ vehicles have a similar semi-autonomous Autopilot feature. But it won’t be until 2020, as some experts believe.

The company has long pitched the self-driving car as a way to reduce traffic deaths. It also could help people who can’t drive a car drive. In fact, a recent study estimated that the industry will be worth $42 billion a year by 2025. Its success has already gained Google the trust of a golf legend, Steve Mahan. The first ride was unproblematic and lasted just ten minutes in Austin, Texas.

While Google might want to own the entire car industry, it’s unlikely to do so. There are many opportunities for collaboration with car makers besides supplanting them. Google could also provide driverless software to car manufacturers, much like Microsoft did with PC makers, which failed to make any profit. This approach has already been successful with Android, which now leads Apple’s iPhone in market share. So, what does the future hold for Google?