E-Commerce Prada Web Site

Ecommerce Prada web site

Having an E-commerce Prada web site is essential for the brand to increase its online sales. Prada’s retail store managers have told us that every sales associate has an iPhone and a WeChat account. This information is collected through deep analysis and entered into a CRM system. This digital transformation is not a lightly-taken decision for Prada. In fact, the company’s Digital e-commerce Director Tosato predicted that e-commerce sales would make up only five percent of total sales by the year 2018.

For the Prada fall collection, the brand has introduced a series of eccentric accessories. A variety of Prada-inspired accessories is featured, including a sailor hat, belts and necklaces with booklets. A number of cross-body messenger bags will be sold on Net-a-Porter as well. Ultimately, it is the customer who will decide whether to buy a piece of Prada clothing from a web-based store.

The launch of the Prada e-commerce site marks a milestone for the Italian luxury brand. For the first time, Prada will have a presence in China through its e-commerce website. A similar story unfolds with other luxury brands, such as Gucci and Dior. While most have failed to embrace digital marketing in China, some have seen success in the process. While the luxury fashion house has a long way to go, it is arguably on the right track.