Can Dogs Eat Bread?

can dogs eat bread

The question, “Can dogs eat bread?” is one that vex dog owners, as it contains few nutritional benefits. It also contains high amounts of carbohydrates, and can lead to excess weight gain in dogs. There are also some instances where bread may cause allergic reactions in dogs. However, bread is generally safe to feed dogs in moderation. Here’s what to know before feeding bread to your dog. This article has been written with the purpose of providing you with information to help you answer the question, “Can dogs eat bread?”

Firstly, you should never feed your dog uncooked bread dough or prepackaged bread. This can result in an upset stomach, bloating, or even death. Moreover, uncooked bread dough can contain alcohol, which can cause your dog to vomit and pass out. The alcohol from the yeast fermentation could also make your dog drunk. If you see any of these symptoms, contact your veterinarian immediately. Bread should also be fresh, as too-stale bread can cause a dog’s stomach to become upset and bloated.

While wheat bread is not harmful for your dog, whole-wheat bread contains gluten, which may be toxic to your pet. If your dog is not allergic to wheat, however, it should not be a problem for them to eat a small piece of plain bread. Although bread does contain carbohydrates, dogs do best on a diet high in protein and low in carbs. Too much wheat and carbs can lead to diabetes and heart problems.