How to Play Uno

how to play uno

If you are wondering how to play Uno, read on to learn how this popular card game is played. You will quickly learn how the object of the game is to collect as many cards as possible before the other players do. While some people prefer to pick up their cards themselves, there are plenty of different ways to use Uno cards against the other players. Learning how to play Uno is a simple process, and the game is widely played in the United States.

To begin, each player starts with a hand of seven cards. The player to their left should discard the remaining cards. When a player runs out of cards, he must call out “Uno” to draw another one. If he or she is caught doing this, he or she will be penalized. Uno is a fun and addictive card game that everyone will enjoy! If you are looking for more strategies to win at Uno, check out our article below!

While playing Uno, keep an eye on your opponent’s cards. When you reach the end of the draw pile, you must call out “Uno” to make sure that the opponent doesn’t win! You can also prolong the game by shuffle your discard pile and draw additional cards to increase your chances of winning. By learning how to play Uno, you can make it an enjoyable and challenging card game. You will enjoy the game for many years to come!