E-Commerce Waterstones Web Site

Ecommerce Waterstones web site

The new E-commerce Waterstones web site is designed to be as familiar as the bookshop itself. Among the many new features are author insights, a “try before you buy” service, and personal shopping for books and gift ideas. The move comes after the founder of Waterstones, Tim Waterstone, offered to buy back the chain from HMV. Tim Waterstone cited the need to repair damaged relationships with the publishing industry in his offer. However, this offer was withdrawn after a spat over due diligence conditions. While HMV is awaiting a decision on the merger of Ottakars and Waterstones, it is still considering putting the venerable British book retailer on the market.

The company is based in the UK, but has offices in six states, including California. The success of its retail network can be attributed to the strong foundation it has built. The E-commerce Waterstones web site is a valuable addition to the company’s overall online strategy. Further, its web site is designed for the convenience of customers and provides an enhanced customer experience. Besides, the E-commerce Waterstones web site has a variety of other features that make it stand out among its competition.

The E-commerce Waterstones web site has three million titles to choose from. The website features author insights and personal shopping. To drive incremental sales, Waterstones is working with CSS partners and a CPA model. This model is ideal for E-commerce Waterstones, as it is low-risk and incremental. RedBrain is a CSS partner. Waterstones plans to integrate its e-commerce web site with its RedBrain affiliate platform.