What is the Brand Nordson?

what is the brand Nordson

The Nordson name is a simple expression of the benefits that a consumer will get from buying a Nordson product. This promise is consistent throughout the company’s operations and is an essential component of a successful brand management plan. Here are some tips and suggestions for incorporating the brand into your business. Listed below are the main reasons why. Read on to learn more about Nordson products and services. And don’t be afraid to share your ideas on branding!

First of all, Nordson’s global branding strategy is built around the blue bar. It is the primary color in its corporate identity and appears on all of Nordson’s collateral materials. It is used on business cards, brochures, pre-printed letterhead and advertisements. This blue bar can be found in every aspect of Nordson’s branding efforts and is the brand’s unifying element. When referencing Nordson in marketing materials, it’s essential to refer to the blue bar.

In its fiscal year 2001, Nordson reported a slight decrease in net income. Net income fell from $54.6 million in 2000 to $24.6 million in 2001. This was due in part to the company laying off 10 percent of its workforce. Additionally, the company has restructured its operations into three main business segments: coating and finishing systems, adhesive dispensing systems and nonwoven fiber systems. Further, Nordson acquired the company’s first Latin American subsidiary in Brazil. As a result, international sales now account for more than 50% of Nordson’s annual revenue.