What is Google Sir? Innovation?

what is google Sir innovation

So, what is Google Sir? innovation? Well, a lot of companies can follow their model of innovation – it is a democratic decision-making process that uses data aggressively to support new ideas. Google was founded by highly analytical Stanford computer-science graduates. However, it is important to recognize that Google’s focus on analytics is far greater than most organizations. This does not mean that your organization should be immune to adopting Google’s method.

For starters, the Google culture is highly improvisational. Anyone in Google has an opportunity to create a new feature or product. This approach not only attracts top-quality engineers but also generates a high volume of new ideas. Recently, an article in the New York Times examined Google’s apparent assault on Microsoft’s dominance in business software applications. The company has a culture of “no-feetwork,” a concept that is also important for companies looking to replicate its innovative practices.

As a result, Google is the epitome of innovative management. With its legendary IT infrastructure, Google has been the progenitor of management innovation. Technology and strategy are inseparable and mutually permeable, a practice that has been praised by IT pundits. Google may even be the internet’s equivalent of IBM and General Electric. Its unique mix of business, technology, and people makes it an excellent place to work.