What is Google Love? Innovation?

what is google Love innovation

What is Google Love? innovation? To understand what Google values, we have to look at how the company makes its products and services. Google has never had a dedicated innovation department, but it does encourage employees to contribute new ideas. Google has a policy that gives 20% of employees the chance to work on passion projects. For example, a doctor on the staff argued that Google has a moral duty to help users. Hence, it’s no wonder that they encourage their employees to use their free time to work on their passion projects.

Google encourages experimentation and embraces failure. Google employees are encouraged to try radical ideas and celebrate failures, but they also have the flexibility to reject them if they fail. Google fosters an innovation culture in which employees put users first, and prioritize user experience over profitability. This culture has been a successful one for Google and should be emulated by other companies. This article discusses some of Google’s innovation best practices.

Unlike many companies, Google values collaboration and treats its employees as their most important asset. For example, the company designed its offices so that every employee could see every other department’s work, and it holds an all-hands meeting every Friday. Employees are encouraged to ask questions of top executives, and the company shares private information about its events. As a result, employees are more likely to make better decisions and be happier at work.